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Oakwood Park Equestrian’s Three Month Indoor Arena Pass FAQ

These facilities can be used during casual hourly bookings, clinic bookings or with your three month passes. Click here to see more about Oakwood Park’s facilities.

  • Indoor Arena
  • 40 x 20m fully lit
  • sound system with AUX connection
  • mirrors from B-F-A and A-K and C
  • Seating H-C
  • Sprinkler system to keep dust down, and keep air cool
  • Jump wings, poles, cones and mounting steps available
  • Fridge, microwave, kettle and toilet in Stables
  • Tie up areas outside the arena and stables
  • Hot water wash bay (also tie up area)
  • Stable lights
  • Day yards with automatic water
  • Float parking along sides of arena
  • Car parking in front of arena and in front of fruit trees

This pass allows you to use the above facilities as many times as you like between the date of purchase and the expiry date.

These can be lessons or casual rides. 

$200 seems like a lot of money at once!

The cost of this pass is the equivalent to 10 one-hour bookings. Therefore, as long as you have used the pass more then 10 times in the three months, which is less than once a week, then you’ve saved money in the end!

Upon purchase you’ll be asked to provide your email, name and address. Over the next 24 hours we will send you a personalised document to that email specifying purchase date, expiry date, terms of use as well as a print out sheet of “coupons”.

All that is required is when you ride, drop off one of your coupons in the letterbox in the arena so we know you’ve been, then its up to you to have a fantastic ride!

Is there anything I need to do upon arrival at Oakwood Park?

First of all, you and anyone else riding or training need to fill out a liability waiver form. There are forms located in the folder inside the arena gate by the letterbox and clock, otherwise you can print off and bring your own from Oakwood Park’s website. If you are under 18 years of age, you will need to sign the minors form and have a parent or guardian sign as well.

Before riding, particularly over summer, you may need to turn the sprinklers on in order to keep the dust down when riding. Read the instructions below or watch this video here to find out how. Usually 10-15 minutes of sprinklers is enough.

The tap to turn the sprinklers on is located behind the blue rain water tank to the right of the arena gate. If you’re looking at the arena from the stables, walk to the right around the rain water tank and there is a pipe on the corner of the arena, with a blue switch-tap in it. Turn this 90° to the right and the sprinklers will come on. To turn off, turn the tap 90° to the left. 

How many horses and riders can a single pass?

These passes are designed for the use of one person with their own horses. The horses ridden must be owned or leased by the rider, and must abide by a general ‘fair use’ rule.

Fair use entails that you must not disadvantage other riders by booking for excessive periods of time which are not practically usable by one rider and their own horses. If in doubt or unsure of this, don’t hesitate to contact us or Oakwood Park for further explanation.

This pass is being sold by Elite Equine Essentials on behalf of Oakwood Park Equestrian. It is non-refundable and is not redeemable for cash and not able to be on-sold or given to others without prior permission from Oakwood Park.

If you are wanting to purchase the pass for another rider, please include their name and details as a note when ordering so the correct passes will be made.

Gift Certificates are available upon request.

Are you a trainer or coach, looking to use Oakwood Park’s Indoor and Stable facilities for your clients? Feel free to send us or Oakwood Park a message and a discounted arena hire price can be negotiated for regular use.