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Due to higher volumes of parcels being sent around Australia, shipping times have increased across all carriers.
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Introducing EquiPoints

In March 2020, we have implemented a points system on our website, so we can reward our valued customers for your continued support. 

Each purchase made through out website will receive 1 EquiPoint per one dollar ($1) spent on products and services. 

From March 2020 onwards, new customers can also redeem 100 EquiPoints on sign-up, and all customers will receive 200 Equipoints for submitting their first product review.

Note that EquiPoints awarded for your first review will be given regardless of whether the review is positive or negative – we appreciate any and all feedback!

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Check your balance!

Bought from us before? You may be in luck! We have given all registered customers EquiPoints for previous purchases made on our website.

To check your balance, click on “My Account” in the menu and log in, then select “EquiPoints” on the left hand side. You’ll be able to view your balance and any changes to your balance that have been made. 


There could be a few reasons for this!

First, EquiPoints are only being applied to orders made through our website. If you have purchased from us in person, via email invoice or at a trade stall, these purchases are not eligible for EquiPoints. 

Secondly, you may have used a different email address for your prior purchases. Please contact us with your full name & email address and we can look into it. We may ask you for more details if necessary to track down your previous orders. If you have earned EquiPoints under a different email, we can transfer these to a new account for you. 

Lastly, you might have checked out as a guest rather than making an account. As above, please contact us and we can look into it and get EquiPoints transferred to your new account. 

It may be that you don’t have enough yet, or you are trying to redeem a higher amount than our checkout allows. 

You’ll need at least $5 of EquiPoints in order to use them at checkout, the maximum you can redeem at once amount sits between $10 and $30 depending on the products being purchased. 

This may also occur if you are checking out a Gift Card, as EquiPoints are not earned or able to be redeemed on the purchase of gift cards. 

Please contact us if you have further questions or want further clarifcation!

If your order is cancelled or you get a refund, any EquiPoints earned for the amount refunded will be removed from your account.

Additionally, any EquiPoints redeemed will be refunded to your balance, which you can find by logging in and selecing “EquiPoints” from the sidebar. 

It depends on which coupon you want to use, whether you can use it in conjunction with redeeming EquiPoints.

For example, you can redeem both EquiPoints and the $10 off shipping coupon that you’ll receive when signing up for our newsletters. 

However, coupons received at trade stall events wont work with EquiPoint redemption also. 

Other coupons are on a case-by-case basis, please contact us if you have a coupon and are unsure if you can redeem both at once!

You earn 1 EquiPoint per dollar spent, and the EquiPoint conversion rate is 33 EquiPoints to $1 discount when redeemed. 

The minimum redemption is $5 worth of EquiPoints, but you can redeem up to $30 of EquiPoints depending on what products are in your cart. 

EquiPoints are not earned on the purchase of Gift Cards.

EquiPoints are also unable to be redeemed on the purchase of Gift Cards.

Have more questions?

Please send us an email with your question and we’ll get back to you!