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Whats the difference?

Which should you buy, Belinda’s Loose Lick or Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus? Below is a simple comparison of both our Belinda’s vitamin and mineral products to make shopping for your equine easier.

We personally use both products, some horses getting Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus (BAM+) in their feeds and some horses having access to Belinda’s Loose Lick (BLL) in their stable or paddock.

You can also use both, providing your horses Belinda’s Loose Lick ad lib, while feeding the recommended daily dose of Belinda’s Amazing Minerals Plus in a hard feed. This way they are getting a minimum serve of vitamins, minerals, toxin binder and prebiotic and they can top up on vitamins and minerals where necessary. 

Blinda's Loose Lick
Belinda's Amazing Minerals Plus

Specifically formulated for horses on SA & WA pasture.

Both mixes have the same base vitamin and mineral formula. Not in SA or WA? Click here to find mineral mixes for your area.

Able to be fed in hard feeds.

Both mixes are extremely palatable and go well in hard feeds. Dampen slightly to reduce dust. 

Suitable for ad lib feeding, also known as free choice.

The prebiotic and toxin binder in BAM+ can be too tasty for some horses, so not recommended to feed ad lib.

Weatherproof formula, keeping it safe from the rain.

As BAM+ is not designed to be fed ad lib, it does not have a weatherproof formula

Extremely palatable formula.

Very palatable supplements, most horses will lick them straight off your hand if you let them!

Quality toxin binder included in formula.

BAM+ contains Elitox ® toxin binder, to bind mycotoxins in the gut. 

Prebiotic added for improved digestion. 

BAM+ contains Diamond V XPC ® prebiotic, which is fantastic for gut health and ulcer prevention. 

No additional salt or minerals need to be added to the diet.

When fed correctly, BLL and BAM+ contain adequate salt for horses in light work. If your horse has been sweating a lot, you can consider adding some more to his feed. 


Both mixes are extremely affordable, with BLL available from just $0.38 per day, and BAM+ available for $0.77 per day. 

Safe for insulin resistant and laminitic horses. 

Both mixes are free from iron and molasses, making them healthy and beneficial for lamantic and IR horses.