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Due to higher volumes of parcels being sent around Australia, shipping times have increased across all carriers.
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Your order is ready to collect from our click and collect lockers.

Here's what to expect:


Our parcel lockers are located at Oakwood Park Equestrian at 118 Shillabeer Road, Oakbank, SA.

We have a long driveway which forks in different directions, just head straight to the top of the hill and you’ll find the stables on the left and indoor arena on the right. 

As the property is an active equestrian centre, depending on when you arrive it might be busy, or it might be quiet so please drive slowly and watch for animals and people.

Opening Hours: You are welcome to come and collect any time of day, please respond to our text with a date and time that you expect to be dropping by. 

Parking: There is usually ample places to park outside the stables, in front of or along the indoor arena, and under the trees. Just be sure to leave enough room for others to drive past.

The Lockers

Location: The lockers themselves are located inside the stables next to the wash bay, you’ll see them as soon as you enter the stables. Click here if you’d like to see a video on where to find them and how to use them. 

If you need a light, there is a light switch on the outside right hand side of the stable door. During winter or stormy weather the door might be shut also, to get in you can just slide it to the left.

The lockers are numbered top to bottom, left to right and there are coloured key tags on the locks to help remember which one is yours to open. 

How to use the locks: Our current locks have 5 large numbers to turn, and once you have them aligned simply pull strongly downwards on the blue barrel of the lock.

Once you have your items out of the locker, simply close the locker door and either:

– close the door and loop the lock back through the hole, without locking it, or

– put the lock inside the locker and shut the door.

If you have any trouble with the lockers, send a text to Danielle on 0447 545 870. As I work during business hours I’m not always available to take a call, and text is usually the fastest way to get hold of me. If I’m not getting back to you in time, you can try contacting Anthea (property owner) on 0411450384.

Friendly Faces

The People: Anthea, Gavin and Rusty all live at the property and you might bump into them in the stables.

We also have a number of agistees who keep their horses at Oakwood Park who may be there tacking up, making feeds or washing horses too.

Equine Therapy: Willow is an equine therapist regularly running sessions at Oakwood Park. You may come across Willow or her clients during the day and we just ask that you’re respectful of them if they appear to be in the middle of a session. 

Dogs on the property: The other animals you are most likely to come across is Merlin (Maremma) and Honey (Golden Retriever). If you have a dog with you when you collect please leave them in the car.

Merlin is a large Maremma Sheepdog, which is a type of Livestock Guardian Dog. Because of his breed, he tends to bark at unfamiliar cars and people. If you need assistance with the dogs please call Anthea on 0411450384.

The Horses: You might see some of our horses too. Some of the horses are agisted whereas some are ours. While they are friendly, please don’t feed them as some them have allergies.